Travel Thru South America

I’m planning to move to Ecuador, (ASAP) and set it up as my base of operations. Then begin to travel through South America, country by country. I’ll get my driver’s license there, a vehicle and the country state sponsored required ID card. I’m 74 and this is about my last thing on my personal “Bucket List”. I need to get out of the states as I’m pretty much fed up with the way things are going. I plan to start in Ecuador, down to Peru, over to Bolivia, back down to Chile, (to the Tierra Del Fuego) over to Argentina, up to Paraguay. Back down to Uruguay and up to Brazil where I hope to spend 6 months learning the lingo.(I Already speak a fair brand of Spanish).  From there up to French Guiana (spend some more time there learning French) and across the northern shores of the continent winding up back in Ecuador. I don’t have any set schedules. I’ll be moving along, being a tourist, stopping here and there for as long as I desire.

As for me I’ve worked since I was a kid, earning my way. Now all I have is a small Social Security check.
(Being married & divorced four times has a tendency to sap your funds.)

So I need money, contributions. I owned a couple of insurance inspection agencies from Philadelphia to Los angeles for some 40 odd years. Retired as a licensed private investigator. I’m a 32nd degree Mason.

I lived in Ecuador for a short while, (2007. Again in  2011).  Married and divorced to/from a gorgeous  lady there.(2011)  Been to Brazil for Carnaval. And Buenos Aires on business. So I’m not without some degree of knowledge of the continent.

Rather than just donating (like an Angel Donor) I’m asking for you to buy products from my websites. That way I earn my way and you receive something of value in return. It’s not like you’re throwing money down a money pit.  Plus you can write and ask me questions about anything along my way. I plan to post as often as I can and submit photos of what I’ve seen. If anyone has a special request they want me to see or do for them, let me know. If you want any particular item from any country, let me know. I’ll let you know the cost, shipping, etc; you deposit it in my Paypal account and I’ll ship it from there to you.

I sell umbrellas on eBay. (mpenny7886). Plus I have five websites: My primary is, I handle only high quality compact/tote type umbrellas. There are four other websites; for cigars (Made by Cuban expats), fine lingerie, spirits where I sell Absynthe (only), herbals where you can find the finest herbals and essential oils. On the umbrella site you’ll find four links in the upper left corner for these four sites.

Try to help me out, if you possibly can. Get me on my way. Thanks.



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